Pathfinders for stewarding your wealth.

We are a family-owned, multi-generational investment advisory that helps our clients in the pursuit of their ambitions. We believe your wealth should be a compelling force that fulfills your most challenging goals and makes a lasting difference.

Our clients seek to accomplish more than the status quo. We seek to exceed their expectations and steward their legacy.

Our Mission

At Hillcrest Capital Advisors, we help our clients grow, build, protect and transition generational wealth.

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Why Choose us?

Life's topography is complex. We craft scenario-specific strategies on both sides of the balance sheet so you can account for what you want to achieve today and have the agility to pivot for what you need tomorrow.

At Hillcrest, our client relationships are built on the daily courage to lead. And we exemplify this leadership in tangible ways.

Enhanced Potential

Clients come to us for our work ethic. We pride ourselves on being experts in our craft and continuous learners to produce outcomes that span generations.

Active Partnership

Any advisor can recommend an investment product. We emphasize the importance of strong alignment upfront and continual dialogue as we navigate a portfolio alongside life events to pursue your most difficult goals.

See Beyond the Defilade

Just as wealth can be gained, it can be lost or eroded. We work to protect your assets from unforeseen risks and threats stemming from market volatility, economic uncertainty and political unrest.

Multi-Generational Discipline

Wealth can elicit powerful emotions as your life and priorities evolve. Our multi-generational team provides level-headed guidance through all of life's phases, from building wealth to transitioning it. You can trust us to continually seek to optimize your strategy with prompt, thoughtful advice and azimuth check where needed.


We lean into difficult, complex conversations to deliver the best solution for each of our clients' unique circumstances.

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